[Neophyte Records] Endymion – Be a voice not an echo

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[Neophyte Records] Endymion – Be a voice not an echo

Mensaje por Djonix el Sáb Mar 01, 2014 10:51 am

CD 1
1.Endymion – Be a voice, not an echo (intro)
2.Endymion – Back to life
3.Endymion & Pandorum ft. Frankie McCoy – Under your skin
4.Endymion – Gladiator
5.Endymion ft. FERAL is KINKY – Reload
6.Endymion – Punk-Ass
7.Endymion ft. Eva Blom – Save me (OMI remix)
8.Endymion & Frequencerz – Inexcusable
9.Endymion & Ran-D – Antidote
10.Endymion & Art of Fighters – God is a gangster
11.Endymion & The Outside Agency – Pretty much fucked
12.Endymion ft. Ellie – Lest I forget
13.Endymion ft. Murda – Stoner
14.Endymion & Frequencerz ft. DV8 Rocks! – Caught in the fire

CD 2
1.Endymion & The Viper ft. FERAL is KINKY – Raging in the dancehall
2.Art of Fighters & Endymion ft. Murda – Rocket
3.DJ D – Imagine (Endymion remix)
4.Endymion – Make some noise (Original mix)
5.Gunz for Hire – Bolivia (Endymion remix)
6.Endymion – Close your eyes
7.Frontliner – Weekend warriors (Endymion remix)
8.Endymion – Progress
9. Endymion & The Viper ft. FERAL is KINKY – Raging in the dancehall (The Outside Agency remix)
10.Endymion ft. Eva Blom – Save me (Original mix)
11.Roughsketch – No more loop (Endymion remix)
12.Endymion – Make some noise (Furyan remix)
13.Punx Soundcheck ft. FERAL is KINKY – Heavy medication (Endymion remix)
14.Endymion & Neophyte ft. Alee – I will remain
15.Endymion & Ophidian – Destination underground



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